The PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit 2019 will be on from April 29 and May 2, 2019, and I’ll be there (Wohoo!) and I’ll be speaking at two sessions:

Beyond Pester 102: Acceptance testing with PowerShell

Talk Abstract

You’ve heard about unit and integration testing with Pester and PowerShell. Now it’s time to turn to the harder topic of Acceptance Testing. What is it?, Why and when should I use it? and what tools can I use?

Previously in “Beyond Pester 101: Applying testing principles to PowerShell” I talked about unit and integration testing with Pester and PowerShell. Now that we’re all experts there, it’s time to tackle Acceptance testing, also known as End to End testing.

In this talk I’ll be building on my previous one “Beyond Pester 101”. In that talk I specifically avoided talking about acceptance tests as I only had 40 minutes and unit testing is a big topic. But now I can! I’m going to look into setting up acceptance tests (The hard bit!), then what tools are available to run tests and then look at automating them in CI pipelines.

How to become a SHiPS wright - Building with SHiPS

Talk Abstract

Shipswright - an artisan skilled in one or more of the tasks required to build PowerShell Providers. This talk will take you through building your own SHiPS provider and provide a better experience to explore your data and configuration.

The SHiPS toolkit has been around for a while but it can be a little difficult to get started.

A while ago I wrote a Puppet Provider for the Puppet Enterprise console. This was just an experiment with SHiPS to see what was possible. Since then I’ve helped out and watched SHiPS grow. This talk was inspired by that work and wanting to make it easier for others to start out.

Hopefully I’ll get to have some fun with this! Surely I can bring in some pirate-y goodness

Lean Coffee

I also hope to run a Lean Coffee session like last year.

But most of all …

… I look forward to catching up with all my PowerShell friends and making new ones. Conferences are fun, but the people are the true reason I go.

Hopefully I’ll see you there!